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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of our VivaLift bra?

Experience a reliable lift that lasts from morning to night. The unbelievably sticky design locks coverage in place, providing a secure fit that can be worn repeatedly without compromising performance. Applying the VivaLift bra is a breeze

Can I wear the invisible lift bra during physical activities or workouts?

Yes, the VivaLift bra is designed to provide versatile support and comfort, making it suitable for various activities, including light to moderate physical exercises. Its secure and adhesive design allows for flexibility and freedom of movement

Can I use the invisible lift bra if I have sensitive skin or allergies?

Absolutely! The VivaLift bra is a suitable choice for individuals with sensitive skin due to its thoughtfully designed features. Crafted with a medical-grade adhesive, it prioritises skin comfort, minimising the risk of irritation.

Is it comfortable to wear for long periods?

VivaLift redefines comfort, providing an exceptionally comfortable experience even during extended wear. Its design, free from wires and straps, ensures a seamless fit, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of discreet coverage and reliable lift effortlessly throughout the day.

  • "All Day Comfort"

    VivaLift bra is a game changer! The comfort is unmatched to any other bra. It feels like a second skin and theres no discomfort. I forget I'm even wearing it.

    -Sinead, Manchester

  • "Confidence Booster"

    VivaLift bra not only feels amazing but also makes me look incredible! The lift and support are unmatched, giving me the confidence to rock any outfit.

    -Roisin, Coventry

  • "Natural and Stunning"

    The natural lift from VivaLift is stunning. No awkward padding, just a beautiful, lifted silhouette. It's become my go to for enhancing my look effortlessly.

    -Anna, Bradford

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